[SOUTHEAST ASIAN TIMES] – South Korea Declares State of Emergency

Seoul is in turmoil as it looks at what’s happening across the border line. At 11:40 pm CET they declared a state of emergency. The South Korean judiciary and legislative are suspended for an undetermined amount of time. The South Korean government will take over full authority and competences

The unilateral actions taken by China, with their troops moving steadily towards south, are deplored. South Korea cut off all diplomatic ties with China and pulled back its ambassador, but agreed to restore them after the initial peace talks.

South Korea asked for the retreat of all Chinese troops, counting upon a UN Peacekeeping force to be sent in instead, in order to bring back stability to the region.

The South Korean government has expressed an interest in contacting the new leader of North Korea, Kim Yo-Jong, but their diplomatic envoys have not been allowed into the country at all. The rebel situation is also of great concern, but the South Koreans are abstaining from commenting much on, though the circulating opinion seems to be that they would not be legitimate to rule.