United Nations Student Association

13461303_10208766813983981_124525285_oThe United Nations Student Association of Tuebingen is a voluntary initiative by students of various subjects. Its main purpose is educational: A semesterly chosen topic governs the  sessions (every two weeks), in which we throw light on several aspects of it and discuss their implications for global governance and the UN in particular. Most sessions operate according to the principle of peer education, where (a group of) students present a specific topic and the other members add thoughts and discuss or further work on it.

In addition to this central activity, the association is also heavily involved in the local social network. Since 2015, we organize the annual Human Rights Week in Tuebingen together with about 15 other initiatives. We also organize workshops, public lectures, charity concerts, and other events together with initiatives in Tuebingen. In addition, we are part of the World Citizen School of the Global Ethics Institute, a union of more than 20 local initiatives with the objective to promote global citizenship, sustainability, human rights, and ethical economic practices.

Together, these activities form the informational basis of our association. However, we are also heavily involved in simulating and practically experiencing international relations. Our MUN Department trains delegates for simulation conferences and sends numerous delegations to Model United Nations and other conferences throughout Europe and the World. For our members, the department also organizes one or two Mini Model United Nations each semester for the purpose of training for MUNs.