General Information

Where? University town Tuebingen, 72072 Germany

When? 31st October to 3rd November 2019

What? A highly interactive joint-cabinet-crisis simulation

How many? Around 80 Delegates/Ministers, up to 10 Journalists, 6 Chairs, 6 Crisis Managers, 2 Secretaries-General, 1 Crisis Director, many many Staff Members

How expensive? Delegates will pay about 40€. More details will be announced soon. Accommodation will be about 30€/night including breakfast.

When to apply? The Chair and Crisis Manager Application is open right now! Apply here!
The application process for delegates is open right now! Apply here!

Topic? The Gulf of Guinea in Turmoil (more information)

For your general orientation, have a look at the previous schedule!

You can find the preliminary schedule right here