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Dear Prospective Chairs, Prospective Crisis Managers, Prospective Delegates, Sponsors, Partners, and Friends,

We are now planning the third edition of Tuebingen International Crisis Simulation and cannot wait to meet you all. Our aim is to introduce you to the small, picturesque university town of Tuebingen and the 
beautiful world of Model United Nations and Crisis Simulations.

After TICS 2017 it gives us great pleasure to announce that our third edition of this ambitious conference will be held from the 25th to the 28th of October 2018Organised in a Joint-Cabinet-Crisis format, this conference will introduce university students from all parts of Germany, Europe, and indeed the world to the concept of MUN and Crisis Simulation, whether they are eager bachelor students with no experience at all, or master students and doctoral candidates with years of experience. We aim to provide not only an exciting mode of simulation, but also round  the experience off with a fulfilling cultural and social experience, right in the heart of the Swabian region. We therefore warmly invite you to apply to this young conference, and thus give us the chance to make TICS 2018 as great as TICS 2017.

Best Regards and until October in Tuebingen, 

The Board of TICS 2018

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