TICS 2019: The Gulf of Guinea in Turmoil

Few of us can recall a time in recent history of widespread peace in the Gulf of Guinea. Corrupted both economically and politically through the effects of post-colonial power vacuums, the path to peace has been a long and treacherous one. Independence efforts in this region have resulted in dictatorial regimes and weak infrastructure, creating a playing field for criminal activity.

Despite decades of strategic and material aid from the international community and the progression of many GoG states to functional democracies, structural weaknesses persist. Feeble judicial systems and an abysmal quality of education have pushed the youth towards the black market. The routes of illegal traders are dispersed over land and sea and cross borders without much hassle, much to the dismay of international trading partners, who routinely see their vessels attacked and crews kidnapped.

The following cabinets are involved in this year´s simulation:




Côte d’Ivoire



The Gulf of Guinea is in great disarray. We from the Tübingen International Crisis Simulation need YOU to find a solution. How will You decide?