Terms and Conditions

In the interest of having an orderly conference, you are required to read and accept the following rules.

  1. Legal responsibility

a.) As the TICS organisation is voluntary, you can only hold the United Nations Hochschulgruppe Tübingen (herein after referred to as UNHSG) and their team members accountable for intent or gross negligence in the unfortunate case, that your legal interests are infringed.

b.) If your legal interests are infringed by any 3rd parties, which are employed by the  conference’s organisers, you shall seek regress with the 3rd parties before holding the UNHSG accountable.

c.) Individuals of the TICS organizing team shall only be held accountable, if other regress is unavailable.

d.) The TICS organizing team can not be held accountable for any damage you might cause during the conference, your stay in Tübingen or your journey to/from Tübingen. The TICS organisers will seek regress from you for any damage you caused.

  1. Photographs and Video Footage

During the conference you may be photographed and/or filmed. You grant us, as well as the originator of the footage, the right of using this material for any purposes.

  1. Personal Data

By applying, you have to send us personal data. Your data will be used as follows.

a.) The data will be saved for the purpose of your conference participation.

b.) You have the right to ask for a deletion of your data, otherwise we may use it in the future for informing you about further events and developments.

c.) For accounting purposes, your anonymised data may be transferred to sponsors.

d.) Without your explicit permission, any identifiable data will not be transferred to any entity, except to current and future members of the UNHSG Tübingen and/or sub-organisations of the UNHSG Tübingen.

  1. Cancellation

You can cancel the application at any time. If your cancellation causes the TICS organizers any costs, then those will be withdrawn from your refund of the participation fee. If the application is cancelled after the 6th of September 2018 (06.09.2018), the costs will be considered non-refundable.