Chairs and Crisis Managers

Rebecca Gösker – Crisis Director

Dear future participants of TICS 2019! My name is Rebecca Gösker, and I will be holding the position of Crisis Director at this year’s edition of Tübingen International Crisis Simulation. Although originally from Germany, I spent most of my life moving around, spending the majority of the time growing up in Asia. After moving to Austria for high school, I soon delved into the world of MEP, moving to MUNs when I began university. After three years of studies and an undergraduate diploma in political science, I still see no end in my passion for these international conferences. Especially crisis simulations have taken a special place in my heart, with no experience coming close to the intense exhilaration and valuable lessons learnt from these types of conferences. I am extremely humbled and honoured to take on a position of such responsibility at the 2019 edition of TICS and hope that the conference will exceed your expectations. The topic will be a demanding one, with a wide array of issues and conflicts that must be dealt with on both regional and international fronts, but I am certain that you will be up for the challenge and look forward to seeing you there!