Government of the Republic of the Philippines 2017

Head: Rodrigo Duterte, President

Members: 8 (Prime Minister + 7 Ministers)

Chairperson: Jorge Olivares Rivas

I am Jorge, a Mexican MSc in Applied Environmental Geosciences at Tübingen. After having a great time as a delegate at TICS last year, I decided to take part in the conference again as a Chair. About myself: I am a keen hiker, I have done MUN for 9 years, and I am very interested in Classical Greece.


Available Positions (* Experienced):

Secretary of Budget and Management
Secretary of Energy
Secretary of Finance
Secretary of Foreign Affairs
Secretary of Justice
Secretary of National Defense
Secretary of Trade and Industry

Interest in Southeast Asia:

The recent election of Rodrigo Duterte has seen the Philippines has increasing sought to cooperate (even appease) China despite having been a longstanding ally of the US. Recent tensions between the US and China in the South China Sea have intensified this drift towards China, although it does maintain significant military links with the US. This unique position makes the Philippines a potential swing state during the crisis.
During the crisis, the Philippines must decide whether its future lies with China or the US whilst also ensuring trying to protect its economic and political interests in the South China Sea- without incurring the wrath or either the US or China. In addition to this, the Philippines cabinet must work to ensure that the situation on the North Korea does not escalate any further as the fallout could have disastrous implications for the Filipino mainland.

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