[The Wire] “I’m going to resign”: Interview with Seehofer

(hh) – In an exclusive Interview with the German Minister of Interior and Vice-Chancellor Horst Seehofer we got hold of very interesting information.

What specific events lead you to request the constructive vote of no confidence regarding the Chancellor?

Her recent behaviors lead me to lose trust in her. I am against her unreasonable ways in which she engaged with the Philippines Government leading our nation in great pain if a war erupted. Merkel and the public have been informed about the vote.

The recent press release from your own government shows you dancing right behind Merkel. This is very contradictory for many readers or in this case viewers.

Yes, you are correct. In between the release of the vote request and the video message some things have changed. Right now I have the opinion that the vote might not be necessary anymore. The Chancellor decided to step away from any war acts against the Philippines and is getting into contact with their government in order to start peaceful conversations. It was her reaction to the vote and she changed her actions accordingly.

Was the Operation Bockwurst Merkel’s plan from the beginning?

It seems like it. I learned that I was the only one in the cabinet who lost his trust in our leader.

What are your next steps to restore it?

I am considering to step back from my position as the German Minister of Interior. Not only have I lost trust in Angela Merkel as Chancellor of the German Republic but also did she lose hers in my abilities. It is mutual.