[The Wire] German aggression and American interventionism

(pp) – Once again the world stands still in shock and disbelief over the cruel bombing of a Philippine hospital. Despite all evidence, the German chancellor Merkel falsely denied until the end that Germany or one of its NATO allies is planning to itervene in the Philippines. Merkel continues German chancellors’ habit to not be very keen on their “idle talk from yesterday”.

An airstrike of the US Air Force hit the most vulnerable members of society, people being cared for in a hospital. Whether the attack on the hospital was intentional or not remains to be investigated, however, it is clear that we would not have ended up here, if the German side would not have kept sending signs of aggression towards the Philippines.

The Philippine minister of foreign affairs told this news paper only hours before the first strike, that they were not able to contact the German government after the latter had cut diplomatic ties with the Asian state. Nevertheless, the minister concluded that, in any case “We will defend ourselves!”