[The Wire] China demands Germany to back down

(hh) – In a short interview, the Chinese Minister of Foreign Affairs gave us some insight into their current situation. He is happy to say that the person responsible for the cyber attack on the Yellow River Dam has been arrested. Secure sources informed the newspaper that the suspect is the Chinese citizen Li Dongling, 28 years old Cybersecurity Specialist. China was able to prevent the attack because of its often criticized Cyber Security Law from 2015. The Minister didn’t want to comment on any connection to the terror group MAUTE as he say: “We don’t want to jump to any conclusion.”.
As the investigation about the harbor is ongoing China does not want to give any confidential information regarding the attack.
The Minister wants to use this opportunity to call upon the German Government to not invoke Article 5 of the NATO agreement. 1. Germany`s current state is not marked by a very strong military force. 2. The intervention would not be in the interest of South East Asia. And last but not least it would be the obligation of the USA to stand by the Philippines as they both signed their Mutual Defense Treaty in 1951.

Furthermore they are in contact with the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs in order to get hold of any concrete commitment proposal. The Minister has faith in Russia and is waiting for an invitation for a meeting for further communication.