[The Trojan Horse] Trump puts Germany back into their place

(br) – In an interview with our respectable newspaper, our glorious President Donald J. Trump put the ravaging Germans back into their place. “It doesn’t appear to be a strategy to my cabinet; it seems that they are just doing something, because they are so embarrassed by their absence of strategy.” Commenting on the US presence in the Philippines, Mr. Trump told our very reliant newspaper, that the US were always there on the invitation of the Philippine government and stated that if the German government, “which is in dismay anyway” wants to leave the war on terrorist groups to the worlds, it’s fine, “we don´t need them.” Mr. Trump sadly could not comment on the allegations, that Germany may have interfered with the American plane misconducting an airstrike meant to hit MAUTE, but he instead called out liberal whistle-blowers in the intelligence community by labeling them as “unpatriotic”. When asked about the support of the other NATO partners for the US, he told our great newspaper, that “the US are not dependent on anyone, anyone is depending on the US.”  Military action is not planned, as the Germans are just acting “pathetic”.