Board 2018

Anna Rickert – Conference Manager

International Politics
2nd master semester

“Hear this, young men and women everywhere, and proclaim it far and wide. The earth is yours and the fullness thereof. Be kind, but be fierce. You are needed now more than ever before. Take up the mantle of change. For this is your time.”
(Winston Churchill)


TICS 2017 has been the most exciting and best organised conference I have ever attended. I am taking on the challenge to make TICS 2018 live up to its reputation!

Niklas Gehrke – Logistics and Hospitality

International Economics
2nd semester

“The pessimist sees difficulty in every opportunity. The optimist sees opportunity in every difficulty.”
(Winston Churchill)



Having participated in several MUNs, and also in TICS 2017, I can say that TICS is definitely one of the most special ones. It is your opportunity to find solutions for today’s urgent crises, as well as to meet special people from all over the world in the lovely town of Tübingen.

Jan Wachter – Head of Public Relations

International Economics
2nd semester


“Anger and intolerance are the enemies of correct understanding.”
(Mahatma Gandhi)


TICS is the unique possibility to make friends with people from all over the world and to spend some days in our picturesque university town Tübingen! If you are looking for a very special MUN, join us and become part of TICS. Heated debates and unforgettable socials are waiting for you!


Hannes Remmert – Head of ExCom

Political Science and Media studies
2nd semester
“Thankfully dreams can change. If we’d all stuck with our first dream, the world would be overrun with cowboys and princesses.”
(Stephen Colbert)



After participating in several MUNs I’m honored to give something back to the MUN-community as the Head of ExCom at TICS. MUNs really started my dream of working as a diplomat one day. However, being a princess will always be my backup plan. I’m looking forward to a weekend of fruitful debates, memorable coffee breaks, and sleepless nights!

Saskia Maier – Sponsorships Manager

International Economics
2nd semester


“Raise your words, not your voice. For it is rain that grows flowers, not thunder.”  



In last years TICS I participated as a member of the ExCom Team and I am beyond excited to be able to shape this year’s TICS from the very beginning. I am looking forward to meeting you all in Tübingen!


Theo Harzer – Socials Manager

International Economics
2nd semester


“I would never die for my beliefs because I might be wrong.”
(Bertrand Russell)




Helen Khorrami – Registration and Partnerships Manager

Media and English Studies
2nd semester

“The most important kind of freedom is to be what you really are. You trade in your reality for a role. You trade in your sense for an act. You give up your ability to feel, and in exchange, put on a mask. There can’t be any large-scale revolution until there’s a personal revolution, on an individual level. It’s got to happen inside first.”  (Jim Morrison)


After several MUN experiences in High School, I still couldn’t get enough, so I joined the UN club here in Tuebingen and participated in TICS 2017 as ExCom. Some of you might have even seen me at MUNUSAL 2018. I am truly excited to be able to actually plan a conference for the first time and I can tell you one thing: it is going to be phenomenal!

Raphael Koltun – Treasurer


Political Science and History
6th semester and 3rd semester

“We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.”
(Winston Churchill)


I was already treasurer of TICS 2017 and still have the same passion for the conference as last year. With more experience now, I am faster, better, stronger and ready to give my all again for this very special Crisis Simulation. Can’t wait to meet you at TICS 2018.



Further Members


Jakob Preiss – Treasurer

International Economics
2nd semester






Dennis Albrecht – Sponsorship

Political science & Criminal law
6th semester

“It’s nice to be important, but it’s more important to be nice”
(H.P. Baxter – Scooter)



I recently had my first MUN-Experience in Samalanca/MUNUSAL and was impressed by the devotion and passion that everyone brought into the event. Being it the impressive organization by the team, or the fruitful debates of all delegates. Hooked for more, I am proud to help this event come true. When not working on TICS you will find me playing piano, hitting the gym or satisfying my Internet- and Tech-addiction.

Have a great time in Tübingen!

Jonathan Pflanzer

Political Science & Media studies
2nd semester


“If what you have done yesterday still looks big to you, you haven’t done much today.”
(Mikhail Gorbachev)



As a student, there’s no better way to explore international politics than participating in a crisis simulation. I can’t wait to meet a great number of new inspiring people at this year’s TICS and I’ll do my very best to guarantee an outstanding conference here in the beautiful town of Tübingen. Cheers!

Jacob von Hodenberg

International Economics
2nd semester

I am a firm believer in the people. If given the truth, they can be depended upon to meet any national crisis. The great point is to bring them the real facts.
(Abraham Lincoln)


It is my first time at a MUN event and I am very excited to work with this team to organize TICS 2018. I wish for heated debates and an unforgettable time in Tuebingen for everyone participating this year!


Livia Helena

Political Science and English & American Studies
4th semester

“Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.”
(Ralph Waldo Emerson)



Frieder Rodewald – IT-Services

Political science & Public law
4th semester

“When you talk, you are only repeating what you already know. But if you listen, you may learn something new.” (Dalai Lama XIV)

My friends would describe me as a dedicated and enthusiastic person. The moment I dive into a certain topic and learn all about it, you will hear me talking about it non-stop! TICS presents this opportunity and combines it with awesome people within a unique setting. Global tolerance and peace can only be achievable by understanding the world and its citizens and that’s what we should strive for.