[SOUTHEAST ASIAN TIMES] – BREAKING: USA indiscriminately invades & bombs Chinese & North Korean troops in North Korea

Well folks, it’s been nice knowing you.

The Southeast Asian Times can confirm that the United States Air Force has started indiscriminately bombing the whole territory of North Korea, with great loss of civilian lives but also ‘yuge’ losses to Chinese and North Korean troops in the country. The US Air Force has already admitted that the anti-aircraft preparedness in North Korea has turned out to be greater than it originally anticipated, mainly due to Chinese reinforcements having brought in a great amount of anti-aircraft equipment.

And to add insult to injury, the US has also sent ground troops out of its South Korean bases, which have started to cross the Demilitarized Zone and are now flowing into North Korea, encountering fierce resistance on the way in. As there is sure to be a military reaction from the People’s Republic of China to this invasion, we all have much to fear that this situation will escalate even further – the use of nuclear weapons can now no longer be categorically excluded.