[The Wire] Russian officials: Irritating actions by Germany and the US

(ah) – The Russian government is concerned about the Philippines situation, one of their ministers made a statement appointing is passion regarding the situation “We are strongly against the behaviour of the German government, a military intervention is not the solution to the problem” They do not support this decision, the remedy is worse than the disease. However, they do not have any alternative plan of action to solve the problem. another importact fact is the irritation provoke by the US goverment, they completely disagree with them supporting germany decision. It could be a tactic to obstructs their relation with China.

Regarding the pipeline
explosion: they have different issues they are working on, so the topic
have not been discussed in the cabinet, many events are taking place and
the effort of the ministers is reflected, it will be a topic to be
discussed soon.

[The Wire] European Commission declares support for Germany

(br) – In an interview with The Wire a high ranking EC official told our newspaper, that “the EU is a Union of all member states and we of course support any member state if they are invoking article 5”. At the same time the EC criticized the German government for not sharing important information regarding security threats.

[The Wire] What happened in Manila? Contradicting explanations

(cb) – The Manila district police and the Philippine cabinet are caught up in profound contradictions when explaining the explosion of the Facebook building in Manila. The police blamed the Philippine government and the president himself to be responsible for the catastrophe.

Despite the strong advice of an arms expert of the Philippine police not to open a door of the building the government persisted to open it with a special military robot. The expert warned that violently opening the door could activate an explosion of the whole building, thus risking the death of all hostages captured. Additionally, the police officer suspects that the Philippine government was pressured by foreign powers to open the door.

The Philippine government heavily objects the assertions made by its own police officials and instead blames the hostage takers for the explosion.  The government was expending huge effort to get back electricity in the building while the explosion occurred. “The hostage takers did not want to fully cooperate, even if they released 10 hostages before the explosion”, the President of the Philippines stated in a short interview. She confirmed fully support for the families and friends of the victims.

What is happening in Manila? Why does police and government statements vary since the crisis started? However, the crucial question remains why the hostage takers should bomb themselves without any benefit of it? Is this a new form of suicide attack?

Is the Philippines government truly responsible for the terrible hostage tragedy?

[The Wire] The US take their side

(br) – In the growing conflict between Germany and the Philippines the superpower has chosen a side: President Trump off the US has taken a strong stance for Germany reassuring the German Chancellor Dr. Merkel of his unlimited support. He stated that the US “will take all measures” to help Germany even tough there have been some tensions about the German Government spending less on its military than other NATO members.

[The Trojan Horse] “What is the European Commission doing?” – “They are sitting”

(hh) – If that is not the most accurate description of what is happening there, I don’t know what is. At our editorial meeting were wondering if they are sleeping, partying, looking at sheep pictures or whatever. So we did what every good journalist would have done… we went ahead and did some research. A representative of the European Commission was willing to talk to us and we were able to clarify some asp… wait now… actually we couldn’t.
But let’s start from the beginning. We were wondering about the situation between Germany and the Commission after they filed a report against Germany’s decision to close internal borders to protect their citizen and prevent further cyber attacks. The Commission has a clear point of view as they say that the German officials could have not known where the attacks came from and so nobody is protected by closed borders. As far as they know, the attackers could have even never ever been to Germany or the EU. The Commission wishes for stronger collaboration with its member state as they were not inform before closing their borders. Although the closed borders are threatening the market the European Commission is still willing to offer all resources at hand.
Seems like we got the same old news just in nicer words… well now that the European Court of Justice has issued the case and ruled in favor of Germany we hope to get some strong response from the Commission.