Silly, sillier, North Korean Secret Serivce! – North Korea secret service eliminated itself! The world was wondering what happened on Friday regarding the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Republic of Korea. The Minister is still wondering as well! The facts are: On Friday there was the plan to kidnap the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Korea by plane. So the flight was full of mebers North Korean secret service. The North Korean secret service attacked and kidnapped the Minister of Foreign Affairs at the airport. As consequences of the attack, the Foreign Minister couldn’t reach the flight, where he should be kidnapped. Nevertheless this is enough funny, rhe North Korean secret service then at leaast shot the flight by rocket and so they killed their own agents. What the message of this and what the hell was going on there, that such fundamental mistakes could happen, is still unclear. Clear is despite, that North Korea won’t need to fear enemies beause it always can trust to its very well-working secret service! The Minister of Foreign Affairs of Republic of Korea say thousand thanks to North Korean secret service for this stupid action!
Leak of top secret: Minister of Justice of China just approved troop moving to Iran.
Corruption Leak: Minister of Justice of People´s Republic of China is proud, that he succesfully told top secret service information regarding nuclear strikes to the cities Guangzhou, Hong Kong, Xiamen, Quanzhou and Fuzhou to the US secret service,. These information allowed the US to attack these cities. He received all in all 3.000.000 $ regarding these informations. – Wikileaks