Is China testing biological weapons on Kim Yong Un?
Position of world super villain vacant. Has Hitler been spotted at North Korea?
New coup of the freemason. First killing Kim Jong Un and now they take controll over Lebanon. Is day X comming?
Actual quote from chinese chair yesterday during lunch: “Sad to see Hitler go”
The Ministry of Justice of China is corrupt.
A journalist of Guardian (Glenn Greenwald) proved the involvement of the Minister of Justice of China in corruption, regarding the consumer law, construction industry, planning law and financial regulations. Also, she also gave the USA top secret security information of China.
According to ASIS the chinese liaison officer was working on its own without knowledge of the Chinese government
In generally the Minister of Foreign representing the South Korean government officially declares war to China especially to the Minister of Justice as replyto the corrupption scandal! Journalist of the SUN
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Position of world super villain vacant #2 – After spotting Hitler – Is he responsible for Kim Jong Un’s kidnapping? #ConspiracyTheory
Philippine beer shot initiative succesfully launched!
ExCom’s choice of music in the cafeteria considered to be cruel and unusual punishment