Government of the Republic of Korea 2017

Head: Moon Jae-in, President

Members: 8 (Prime Minister + 7 Ministers)

Chairperson: Fabian Hoffmann

Fabian is 20 years old and is currently study International Relations (3rd Semester after Summer break) in Groningen, The Netherlands. Originally he is from Schwäbisch Hall, Germany. While he attended several local MUNs during his time in high school, TICS 2016 has been the first international conference he has been to. Since then he has participated in some other international conferences, but he confidently says that TICS has been his favorite event. Hence, it wasn’t even a question whether he would return in 2017.
He is very interested in all aspects of American politics. Thus, he uses a lot of his spare time to keep up to date with US domestic and foreign policy developments. Throughout his studies, he also found great interest in issues of global governance, especially regional integration studies.
His hobbies, besides the obvious points of participating in MUN and crisis conferences, are improving his speaking skills, learning foreign languages, and playing table tennis.

Available Positions (* Experienced):

Minister of Strategy and Finance
Minister of Foreign Affairs
Minister of Unification
Minister of Justice
Minister of National Defense
Minister of Trade, Industry and Energy
Minister of Environment

Interests in Southeast Asia:

As the state closest to the North Korea, the Republic of South Korea has an obvious interest in avoiding direct conflict with the DPRK at all costs. Despite numerous UNSC resolutions and a comprehensive sanctions regime, the DPRK shows little sign of stopping its nuclear programme. In light of such a threat, the South Korean cabinet will be at the forefront of the crisis and will need to ensure that more aggressive cabinets (possibly including the new Trump administration) do not drag the ROK into direct conflict with the North.
The South recognises the important role China will play in defusing the situation on the Peninsula and whilst it will be concerned about China’s aggressive behaviour in the South China Sea it must find a balance between cooperating with China and finding ways to contain influence in the region.

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