Government of the Commonwealth Australia 2017

Head: Malcolm Turnbull, Prime Minister

Members: 8 (Prime Minister + 7 Ministers)

Chairperson: Waqar Ahmed Katib

An Indian by birth and a global citizen by heart, Waqar is currently pursuing his International Masters in Industrial Management where he gets to live and study in Madrid, Milano and Munich. Football, debates, travel and writing is what makes him happy. He has debated in over 40 events and is hoping to the bring this experience to the table at TICS 2017.
He strongly believes that we should live a life that will be remembered. Someone truly said “You only achieve as much as you dream”.



Available Positions:

Minister for Foreign Affairs
Minister for Trade and Investment
Minister for Finance
Minister for the Environment and Energy
Minister of Defence
Minister for Industry, Innovation and Science

Interest in Southeast Asia: 

Whilst Australia is not at direct risk from North Korea’s nuclear ambitions, the situation in Korea is of concern. Australia has consistently backed the US in opposing the DPRK’s nuclear programme, something which has not gone unnoticed by the North.
Unlike the US, Australia’s stance on the DPRK’s nuclear programme, whilst firm, has been slightly tempered by the fact that China is a major source of foreign investment. This fact has also complicated Australia’s position on the situation in the South China Sea, where Australia continues to back American freedom of navigation patrols in the area despite Beijing’s objections.
Furthermore, the apparently poor relationship between Donald Trump and Prime Minister Malcolm Turnball combined with China’s important role as an investor has led to speculation that Australia may seek to move away from the US in order to improve its relations with China. In light of this, Australia may move to be something of a swing state in the regional balance of power.

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