Government of Japan 2017

Head: Shinzo Abe, Prime Minister and Akihito (Emperor)

Members: 8 (Prime Minister + 7 Ministers)

Chairperson: Constanza Marcellino

Costanza is an Italian Student and has just finished the first year of a university course taught entirely in English called “Politics and Economics” at the department of Political Science in Milan. Since she likes discussing and debating the main important issues about our contemporary world, she decided to start her studies with the hope and the purpose to contribute in solving problems. This is also the reason why she decided to take on the challenge of TICS this year. She has grit, enthusiasm and desire to do well! She is looking forward to starting this experience with all of you!


Available Positions:

Minister of Finance
Minister of Justice
Minister of Foreign Affairs
Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry
Minister of the Environment
Minister of State for Ocean Policy and Territorial Issues
Minister of Defence

Interests in Southeast China: 

Japan has grown increasingly concerned about the situation both on the Korean Peninsula and in the East and South China Sea. Historic disputes between China and Japan have meant that relations have never been perfect. More recently, China’s inability (or unwillingness) to prevent the DPRK from further developing its nuclear programme has been a source of alarm for Tokyo.
The fact that Japan is now believed to be within range of Pyongyang’s nuclear weapons makes finding a swift and comprehensive resolution to the current standoff in the Korean Peninsula a priority. However, Japan’s attention is more likely to be focused on China’s aggressive expansion into both the South China Sea and the East China Sea, where it has claimed sovereignty over the Japanese Senkaku islands.
As a firm ally of the US and with its military capabilities currently being expanded, Japan is going to play a key role in curbing China’s ambitions in the South China Sea and in preventing North Korea from further developing its nuclear programme. However, doing so may put the country increasingly at odds with China.

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