Federal Government of the United States 2017

Head: Donald J. Trump, President

Members: 8 (President + 7 Executives)

Chair: Christine Farah

Cristine Farah is a 19 year-old in her final year of Law studies at Université de Montréal, Québec. Having been raised in three different countries throughout her childhood, Cristine has gotten a taste of different cultures and conflicting ideologies very early on. This has helped her develop a vast interest for international relations and world affairs, but has also prepped her for the highly interactive and stimulating world of simulations.
She has participated in 10 MUNs over the past two years, and is currently an executive member of her Alma Mater’s UN association. Having chaired at TICS 2016, Cristine is very enthusiastic about crossing the atlantic once more to experience this new and exciting version of the simulation.

Available Positions:

Secretary of State
Secretary of the Treasury
Secretary of Defense
Attorney General
Secretary of the Interior
Secretary of Commerce
Secretary of Energy

Interests in Southeast Asia:

China’s recent spate of island building in the South China Sea and excessive claims over virtually the entire South China Sea has become an issue of increasing significance for the US. Arguably, the IS has been some what slow at responding to China’s increasing influence in the region and is now having to make up time, reinforcing old alliances and brokering new ones.
Control over the South China Sea would give Beijing de facto control over 90% of the world’s trade- something the US and its allies cannot accept. However, the reinforcement of artificial islands in the region makes extracting the Chinese from the area difficult- something the US cabinet will need to consider.
In addition to this, the US continues to be the major focus of North Korean propaganda and has been at the forefront of international efforts to bring its nuclear programme to an end. It’s alliance with South Korea gives the US particular reason to be interested in bringing tensions on the Peninsula to a decisive conclusion.

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