Chairs and Positions of 2018

Everyone found their Match!

Stefania Vilcu is currently in her last year at the University of Birmingham in the UK, studying International Relations. She comes from Bucharest, Romania and loves participating to MUN’s around the world. Stefania is excited to be the President of the Russian Federation at TICS 2018!
+++The President of the Philippines has been found+++

Lidija Beganović is an MA student of Peace Studies and International Politics in her second semester at the university of Tübingen. From the beginning of her undergraduate studies, she knew she wanted to continue her path in the field of international relations. MUN offers a chance to learn how politics are influenced by various aspects that sometimes even politicians and diplomats cannot predict. In this regard, TICS will be an exciting and challenging experience of finding a balance between using a specific knowledge and acting in an unpredictable situation.
+++The President of the United States has been found+++

Fabian is a 22 years old student of international relations located in Groningen, the Netherlands. Originally, he is from a small town relatively close to Stuttgart, Germany. This year at TICS, it is going to be Fabian’s third participation at the iconic Tübingen simulation game, having been there since its first addition in 2016, as well as last year where he already had the honor of chairing a cabinet. In his free time, Fabian is all about American politics, consuming it like a drug at the end of an exhausting day. In addition, he enjoys improving his foreign language skills by interacting with people from various cultural backgrounds. Away from politics and studying languages, Fabian will most likely watch Netflix or do some (limited) sports. He is looking enormously forward to meeting all participants at the third addition of his favorite event and is certain that we are all going to have a blast.
+++The Chancellor of the Federal Republic of Germany has been found+++

Karim Abada actually retired from MUNing (or in this case; crisising) a few months back actually, but like every great football player who ever retired, there’s no harm in coming out of retirement for a quick game or two, right? Having been a member of TICS from the start, he is pleased to once again be on board for what will hopefully be a truly memorable few days in October ’18!
Paul Stăncioiu is 21 years old and studying Architecture in his 5th semester. He is a keen fan of MUNs since high school and takes it as a challenge to make connections between his studies and the global affairs. TICS 2018 will be his first conference of this kind and he looks forward to enjoying the days together and making them memorable!
+++ Editor in Chief has been found +++

Peter pursues a bachelor ’s degree in mathematics at the University of Bonn. In the study of mathematics, current political debates are clearly set aside. However, interested in both science and politics, he joined the local MUN society BIMUN/SINUB in 2016 and since then has been actively participating in a number of MUN conferences. TICS 2018 will be the first pure crisis simulation Peter attends and as editor-in-chief he is particularly looking forward to determining the role of the media in crisis-ridden autumn Tübingen.