[The Trojan Horse] LEAKED: China is the real mastermind

(cb) – Is China the real mastermind behind the recent terrorist attacks? This newspaper received confidential information from an anonymous source that accused China to work together with the Philippine terrorist group Maute.  In contrast to Maute, China would be able to get access to protected servers that caused the terrible tragedies in Syria, Luxembourg and Germany. The anonymous source additionally warned that China might send a Trojan horse to German and US government servers.

[The Wire] German aggression and American interventionism

(pp) – Once again the world stands still in shock and disbelief over the cruel bombing of a Philippine hospital. Despite all evidence, the German chancellor Merkel falsely denied until the end that Germany or one of its NATO allies is planning to itervene in the Philippines. Merkel continues German chancellors’ habit to not be very keen on their “idle talk from yesterday”.

An airstrike of the US Air Force hit the most vulnerable members of society, people being cared for in a hospital. Whether the attack on the hospital was intentional or not remains to be investigated, however, it is clear that we would not have ended up here, if the German side would not have kept sending signs of aggression towards the Philippines.

The Philippine minister of foreign affairs told this news paper only hours before the first strike, that they were not able to contact the German government after the latter had cut diplomatic ties with the Asian state. Nevertheless, the minister concluded that, in any case “We will defend ourselves!”

[The Wire] The European Commission’s wake up call

(cb) – The European Commission recently was under enormous pressure react on the actual crisis concerning cyber security in public transport. “We get no information about anything, the communication with the European Commission is not working”, the Commissioner for Security Union complains. The EU cannot act on their own, as long as member states (like Germany) do not cooperate with us we are helpless, the Commissioner added. The EU could be a strong alley for member states but now has just to sit by idly.

[The Wire] China demands Germany to back down

(hh) – In a short interview, the Chinese Minister of Foreign Affairs gave us some insight into their current situation. He is happy to say that the person responsible for the cyber attack on the Yellow River Dam has been arrested. Secure sources informed the newspaper that the suspect is the Chinese citizen Li Dongling, 28 years old Cybersecurity Specialist. China was able to prevent the attack because of its often criticized Cyber Security Law from 2015. The Minister didn’t want to comment on any connection to the terror group MAUTE as he say: “We don’t want to jump to any conclusion.”.
As the investigation about the harbor is ongoing China does not want to give any confidential information regarding the attack.
The Minister wants to use this opportunity to call upon the German Government to not invoke Article 5 of the NATO agreement. 1. Germany`s current state is not marked by a very strong military force. 2. The intervention would not be in the interest of South East Asia. And last but not least it would be the obligation of the USA to stand by the Philippines as they both signed their Mutual Defense Treaty in 1951.

Furthermore they are in contact with the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs in order to get hold of any concrete commitment proposal. The Minister has faith in Russia and is waiting for an invitation for a meeting for further communication.

[The Wire] Merkel: ”Philippine citizens in Germany have nothing to worry about”

(br) – In a brief interview with The Wire regarding the growing tensions between the German government and the Philippines Chancellor Merkel denied all rumors that Germany will conduct military actions on the Philippines whether against local Terror groups nor on the government. Dr. Merkel also stressed that any further action by the German government depends on the reactions by the Philippines. In addition to that the chancellor told us that Philippine citizens in Germany have nothing to worry about as long as they remain peaceful.