Silly, sillier, North Korean Secret Serivce! – North Korea secret service eliminated itself! The world was wondering what happened on Friday regarding the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Republic of Korea. The Minister is still wondering as well! The facts are: On Friday there was the plan to kidnap the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Korea by plane. So the flight was full of mebers North Korean secret service. The North Korean secret service attacked and kidnapped the Minister of Foreign Affairs at the airport. As consequences of the attack, the Foreign Minister couldn’t reach the flight, where he should be kidnapped. Nevertheless this is enough funny, rhe North Korean secret service then at leaast shot the flight by rocket and so they killed their own agents. What the message of this and what the hell was going on there, that such fundamental mistakes could happen, is still unclear. Clear is despite, that North Korea won’t need to fear enemies beause it always can trust to its very well-working secret service! The Minister of Foreign Affairs of Republic of Korea say thousand thanks to North Korean secret service for this stupid action!
Leak of top secret: Minister of Justice of China just approved troop moving to Iran.
Corruption Leak: Minister of Justice of People´s Republic of China is proud, that he succesfully told top secret service information regarding nuclear strikes to the cities Guangzhou, Hong Kong, Xiamen, Quanzhou and Fuzhou to the US secret service,. These information allowed the US to attack these cities. He received all in all 3.000.000 $ regarding these informations. – Wikileaks

[SOUTHEAST ASIAN TIMES] – South Korea Declares State of Emergency

Seoul is in turmoil as it looks at what’s happening across the border line. At 11:40 pm CET they declared a state of emergency. The South Korean judiciary and legislative are suspended for an undetermined amount of time. The South Korean government will take over full authority and competences

The unilateral actions taken by China, with their troops moving steadily towards south, are deplored. South Korea cut off all diplomatic ties with China and pulled back its ambassador, but agreed to restore them after the initial peace talks.

South Korea asked for the retreat of all Chinese troops, counting upon a UN Peacekeeping force to be sent in instead, in order to bring back stability to the region.

The South Korean government has expressed an interest in contacting the new leader of North Korea, Kim Yo-Jong, but their diplomatic envoys have not been allowed into the country at all. The rebel situation is also of great concern, but the South Koreans are abstaining from commenting much on, though the circulating opinion seems to be that they would not be legitimate to rule.


Is China testing biological weapons on Kim Yong Un?
Position of world super villain vacant. Has Hitler been spotted at North Korea?
New coup of the freemason. First killing Kim Jong Un and now they take controll over Lebanon. Is day X comming?
Actual quote from chinese chair yesterday during lunch: “Sad to see Hitler go”
The Ministry of Justice of China is corrupt.
A journalist of Guardian (Glenn Greenwald) proved the involvement of the Minister of Justice of China in corruption, regarding the consumer law, construction industry, planning law and financial regulations. Also, she also gave the USA top secret security information of China.
According to ASIS the chinese liaison officer was working on its own without knowledge of the Chinese government
In generally the Minister of Foreign representing the South Korean government officially declares war to China especially to the Minister of Justice as replyto the corrupption scandal! Journalist of the SUN
Check email.
Position of world super villain vacant #2 – After spotting Hitler – Is he responsible for Kim Jong Un’s kidnapping? #ConspiracyTheory
Philippine beer shot initiative succesfully launched!
ExCom’s choice of music in the cafeteria considered to be cruel and unusual punishment

[THE PANDA BEAR] – Mike Pence’s Wife Had an Abortion in College

And old classmate of Karen Pence’s, wife of Mike Pence and now first lady, has come forward to denounce the fact that she terminated an unwanted pregnancy. It occurred back in 1977, while Karen was a sophomore at Butler University, Indiana. The identity of the father is unknown, though it is speculated that it might have been her first husband, John Steven Whitaker. The couple married one year later, so the reason for the abortion seems unclear.

[THE PANDA BEAR] – Mike Pence Takes Over USA Presidency




We called it first – Donald Trump has been declared unfit for the Presidency following Section 4 of the 25th Amendment of the US Constitution.

Section 4. Whenever the Vice President and a majority of either the principal officers of the executive departments or of such other body as Congress may by law provide, transmit to the President pro tempore of the Senate and the Speaker of the House of Representatives their written declaration that the President is unable to discharge the powers and duties of his office, the Vice President shall immediately assume the powers and duties of the office as Acting President.

It hardly comes as a surprise, especially after a video leaked last night of his not so temperate reaction to China’s invasion of North Korea.

But will Mr. Pence manage to keep his cool in such a difficult situation, or will the red button be a little bit too tempting?

[SOUTHEAST ASIAN TIMES] – Peace Summit to Take Place in Geneva at 11 a.m.

A late afternoon meeting of the SEACC was held yesterday, gathering the representatives of China, the Philippines, Japan, Australia, North Korea, and the United States of America. A general desire for peace and de-escalation materialised in the room, and so it was agreed upon that a Peace Summit will be held today at 11 am in Geneva, at the Palais des Nations, under UN auspices. The UN Security Council remains seized of the situation.
The international community awaits for the outcome of this meeting with bated breath, since 3 of the actors involved in the conflict have a sizable nuclear arsenal: China, the USA, and North Korea.

[The Panda Bear] – Was Kim Jong-Un Kidnapped?

The Panda Bear is bringing you exclusive footage from what seems to be the kidnapping of DPRK leader Kim Jong-Un as he recovered from an ailment in a Chinese panda sanctuary.

[THE PANDA BEAR] -10 Things You Must Know About Kim Yo Jong

  1.    She totally loves vanilla candles 
  2.    Kim Yo Jong is a vintage collection freak and possesses more than 215 floppy discs
  3.    There are rumors that North Korea’s most powerful woman is snapchat buddies with Taylor Swift #ShakeOffTheBadVibes 
  4.    She suffers from swinophobia which is a fear of pigs
  5.    Auditioned in front of Louis Welsh to appear in Boyzone (Band)
  6.    However, she ended up as Lisa in Disaster Movie
  7.    She despises Cher’s song “Swagger Jagger” 
  8.    Kim Yo Jong was a karate junior champion for 25 straight years
  9.    Weighed 7 pounds and 11 ounces when she was born
  10.   Totally fell in love with Vladimir Putin when she saw his latest Christmas calendar