This sub-page serves as a collection of resources that will be useful for all participants to prepare the conference and for their use during the conference. You can scroll through here freely!

  • Our Ministers Handbook (organisational matters and crisis rules) is available for  download here:

TICS 2016 Ministers Handbook

These are the basic functions and tasks of the four main groups of participants. Click on the picture to enlarge it!

Presentation JCC HD+

Of course, the concept involves much more: Meetings of ministers from different cabinets, a simulation of the Arctic Council including all the foreign ministers, joint decisions of cabinets or a group of cabinet members, press conferences, and much more. Send a message to, if you have further questions about the concept!

  • The Arctic – Links and Information

The Arctic Council Webpage (includes Maps of the Arctic as well)

Geopolitics in the High North 

NY Times: Who owns the Arctic (overview graphic)

The Arctic Ocean on Nationmaster

International Arctic Research Center (IARC) – US

Arctic Research Centre – Denmark

China-Nordic Arctic Research Center – primarily China

USA-specific: State Department Arctic Links


  • The Arctic – Documentaries


  • German Stuff