The Ice Floe / The Polar Bear 2016

The Ice Floe will represent a rather professional high-level broadsheet-style news body. Articles are longer, interviews rather serious, investigation is deep and looks for evidence rather than rumours.

Editor-in-Chief: Lisa Becke (Editor-in-Chief of Kupferblau)

The Polar Bear will represent the lurid tabloid-style news body for the broader public. Articles are short with strong headlines, interviews serve to underline stark opinions instead of requesting the truth, investigation is superficial and focuses on rumours and big stories/scandals.

Editor-in-Chief: Constantin Pläcking (Editor-in-Chief of Neckarstudent)

These two bodies together constitute our press team, which will convoy all of the cabinets’ sessions, provide delegates with useful information beyond the sessions, hold press conferences and interviews and serve as a tool for crisis managers to spread important news that also concern the broader public. The Editors-in-Chief will have the main responsibility for one of the two bodies each.

Participants serve as journalists of one of the two bodies here. During Registration, you can indicate your news body preference in the voluntary field after their council preferences.