Government of the Kingdom of Norway 2016

Head: Erna Solberg, Prime Minister

Members: 9 (Prime Minister + 8 Ministers)

Chairperson: Max Krupp

Available Positions (* Experienced):

  • Governor of Svalbard*
  • Minister of Petroleum and Energy
  • Minister of Trade and Industry
  • Minister of Finance
  • Minister of Climate and the Environment
  • Minister of Foreign Affairs*
  • Minister of Defense*
  • Minister of Justice and Public Security


Official interest in the Arctic: 

  • Exercise authority in the High North in a credible, consistent and predictable way
  • Be at the forefront of international efforts to develop knowledge in and about the region
  • Be the best steward of the environment and natural resources in the High North
  • Provide a suitable framework for further development of petroleum activities
  • Safeguard the livelihoods, traditions and cultures of indigenous peoplesdevelop people-to-people cooperation
  • Strengthen cooperation with Russia