Delegates, Crisis Staff and Journalists

Registration is OPEN

Please read the following information carefully before accessing the application form via the button below:

You can apply to become a minister in each of the cabinets – you will be assigned a ministry based on your previous experience and knowledge – and as journalist in either of the two media bodies. You can indicate your wish for a certain ministry / media body in the form. We will contact you at the end of the application wave and update you about the status of your application from then on.

Ministers and journalists will have to pay a fee of 55€. Accommodation will be 28.80€/night (86.40€ in total). We will also offer a Couch Surfing option as the rooms in the hostel are limited.

Crisis Staff will have to pay the participation fee of 55€. However, you will not have to pay any accommodation fee!

Please note that we will not accept delegates/journalists under the age of 18!

In case of any questions regarding the application process, contact!